Al Schlicher Bio


Possessing a distinguished television career as a Creative Director, Writer, Producer, Director and  Multi-media Consultant, Al Schlicher has worked at TV networks, local stations,  syndicators and studios, and has run  his own successful full-service creative production company. He’s created short and long form advertising and programming for some of television's biggest hits, and many of its biggest stars. His expertise in packaging and branding, and hands-on approach with every aspect of his craft, have resulted in ratings and revenue successes for every company with which he has been involved.

l began his broadcast career at a small TV station in Madison Wisconsin, taking charge of commercials and station promotion. With few people and tiny budgets, he quickly  delivered dramatic ratings increases, and won numerous
Promax awards, local and regional advertising awards,  and a national ADDY. Executives at NBC soon recognized Al’s creative talents, and hired him straight from market 101 to work at their Burbank California Network facility. From there, he moved to LA’s local station KNBC, producing groundbreaking campaigns and special projects many still talk about today. In 1991, he launched Just A Minute Productions, providing creative, marketing and production services to networks and studios, including Warner Bros,. Disney, NBC, ABC and Fox. In 1999 Al accepted a full time Manager/Producer position with his principal client, Warner Bros., while still directing selected projects for Just A Minute, which he returned to full time in 2006. Throughout his career, Al has been known as a conscientious manager and enthusiastic team builder. His production and directing styles vary, (depending on the needs of the project,) but the quality of his work never does.

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